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We have a lot of evidence that movement is critical to our health. Focus on exercising in ways you enjoy. If the exercise is painful and you can't find a way to move without pain, get help. Often, starting a walking program for even a few minutes each day 4-5 times a day can begin to (over time) be enough to reduce pain levels. Walking is pretty much the only thing you will find agreement in for health care! There must be a reason!

Try not to sit longer than 30 minutes at a time. Get up frequently throughout your day and move. Move items you need to frequently visit further away from you so you have to get up and walk. Put the copy machine farthest from your desk!

Walk for your break, during lunch, and after work. Park the farthest you can from where you need to go. Simple, but effective ways to get more movement into your day.

Find ways and situations you can feel grateful, not just think grateful. There is a difference. Hint: you will sense the difference!