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The ability to maintain an upright posture and to move your arms and legs to perform all sorts of tasks painfree and as effortlessly as is possible is an important component to your health and well-being. When problems occur which affect our interactions in our jobs, within our families, and our recreational activities they can limit our enjoyment of life. All of these activities usually require the ability to move without difficulty or pain.

Physical Therapists are experts at treating movement and neuromuscular disorders. Pain often accompanies movement disorders and physical therapists help to correct the disorder and relieve the pain and its source. Physical Therapists utilize "hands on" care, therapeutic exercise programs, functional training exercises, and educate patients how to care for themselves to prevent problems from occurring or recurring.

Physical Therapists are licensed health care professionals who have completed college degrees in physical therapy. Physical Therapists work in a variety of settings: hospitals, nursing homes, private practices, home health agencies, fitness centers,schools,etc...Most states do not legally require patients to see their physicians before seeing a physical therapist. Washington State law allows patients direct access to their physical therapist without having to see their physician first. However, some insurance plans require a physician's referral or preauthorization before they will pay for your treatments.

Most forms of physical therapy treatment are covered by your insurance, but the coverage will vary with each plan. Call the number on the back of your insurance card to find out what coverage you have. Questions you might like to ask: How many visits are covered? Do I need a referral or preauthorization to begin physical therapy? Is there a deductible amount I will have to meet before my insurance will pay for my visits? Do I have a copay or coinsurance as well?

In most cases you have the right to choose any physical therapy clinic. The care you receive will be different from therapist to therapist depending upon their training.

 Thank you for your interest!