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1. Deductible met or not met for the current calendar year. If not met, your physical therapy costs will go toward meeting your deductible, but will need to be paid by you until your deductible is met.

2. Copay or coinsurance amounts in addition to the deductible.

3. Number of visits per calendar year which are available for out patient physical therapy. Some insurance companies will limit your number of visits or they may have a limit on how much money you may spend for therapy.

4. Washington state laws allow for direct access to any physical therapist . This means you may go to a physical therapist without first seeing your physician. However, your insurance company may have other requirements.  You may need to obtain a written prescription  for ordering physical therapy services. Ask about their requirements.

5. You may pay privately for your physical therapy if you choose to.

6. You may go to any physical therapist of your choice even if your physician refers you to their physical therapist.